How To Download iOS 7 Officially TODAY At 1pm EST

iOS 7 is available for public download at 1pm EST today. For the past few months, we’ve discussed how to get the early versions of the beta but we can guide you on how to officially download the last build at TODAY.

There are two easy steps to take to ensure this process runs smoothly.

1.It Will Be Delivered As An OTA Update

You may not have to do anything at all. Similar to iOS 6, iOS 7 may be delivered as an over the air update. Typically, iPhone owners will be alerted to the new addition to their device. By clicking yes, the phone will shut down for a few moments as iOS 7 uploads to it and the series of alterations begin. As we keep reminding you, make sure you back up EVERYTHING if you can. Although it is the final program, there is still a risk of crashing.

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2. Sync With iTunes & Upload iOS 7

The other route you can take is to sync your phone or iPad with the newest version of iTunes. That method will be similar to how we guided you on how to obtain the betas. The significant difference this time is that you won’t need to search for a file across some file-sharing site.

Disclaimer: The two tips we provided above are based on how iOS 6 was delivered to avid Apple enthusiasts last year. The next gen software is one of the biggest changes Apple has made so they could choose another way to deliver this to customers. Leave us comments below since we would love to hear from you about the final iOS 7.