Sick of your iPad? Microsoft Will Pay You To Switch To Surface Tablets


Microsoft is getting desperate.

Microsoft will do ANYTHING to sell the Surface tablets. The tech firm has started a war for tablet supremacy with an iPad trade-in promotion. Essentially, the company will pay customers $200 in-store credit once they bring in an iPad 2, 3, or 4 with the charger intact. Based on the condition of the device, Microsoft will provide minimum $200 for any in-store purchase.

However, the surface tablets seem to be intended as the target based on the statement the company provided. This new program starts almost one week before Microsoft is hosting its press conference in New York for the next set of tablets.

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Introducing the Surface tablets last year, the ancient tech giant had high hopes this would be an iPad killer. Unfortunately,sales sagged causing Microsoft to have to take a $900 million write off for the gadgets earlier this year. Not to mention, this was another blemish on retiring CEO Steve Ballmer’s career.

The discount is valid today through October 27th. We’ll keep you updated with all the new tablet news from Microsoft on September 23rd.

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