Microsoft Surface 2 Event: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Microsoft will be announcing two new tablets on Monday September 23rd.

Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 Will Be Launched


Microsoft announcing the first Surface tablet last year (Getty)

The company will unveil the Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 on Monday. Microsoft has high hopes for these two tablets since its previous predecessors flopped when they arrived on the market. The iPad consistently trounces the surface products in most major categories like price, battery life etc. With current CEO Steve Ballmer retiring and the recent acquisition of Nokia, the success of this event is important for Microsoft’s future if they want to reinvent themselves as a “products & services” firm.

2. Both Tablets Could Be Identical To The Current Version

Microsoft has not confirmed or denied the series of leaks regarding the features but the rumors are that both products may retain the same look as the current surface tablets. This means that they could hold a 10.6 inch screen with the patented VaporMG casing. The famous snap-on keyboards these windows tablets usually contain will be a part of the package.

3. The Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 Will Be The Primary Focus


Surface Tablets on display at the 2013 CeBit Technology Trade Fair (Getty)

The Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 are expected to be the main topics of discussion on Monday. The release date for Windows 8.1 is scheduled for October 17th while this press conference may have pushed off a rumored Nokia launch event for the Lumia 1520 in October. The Lumia 1520, code-named Bandit, may also be the next Windows Phone but Microsoft could want to make a dent in the tablet market first.

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4. New Features May Be The Surface Power Cover And Docking Station


Microsoft Surface GM Panos Panay presenting the integrated kickstand last summer. This may have been the inspiration for the rumored docking station. (Getty)

These additions are predicted to be the most anticipated additions to both of these items. The Power Cover could be a combination of keyboard/cover containing a built-in battery pack based on hints. This could give the two new surface devices a great competitive edge in terms of battery power. The Docking Station is intended for both of these Surface products which would enable them to connect to external drives like an Ethernet or USB port and charge automatically.

5. Will These Tablets Succeed?


Panos Panay and his team presenting the Surface Tablet last summer. These three could be the emcees for Monday’s keynote. (Getty)

For Microsoft’s sake, they need to. Bill Gate’s pride and joy has considerably lost its luster since its inception. As Steve Ballmer prepares to leave, his restructuring plan hopes to transition the conglomerate towards a bigger focus on consumer products. The exec never went along with the tidal waves of change that swept through the tech industry causing Microsoft to struggle. Combining the lack of interest the first set of surface’s received, the success of Monday’s event could make or break Ballmer’s plan.

Note: Check back in Monday since we will give you all the updates on the Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2.

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