Microsoft Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 Event Summary: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Microsoft announced two new tablets today: a new Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2. Here are the top ten facts you need to know about Microsoft’s keynote.

1. Surface Pro Exec Panos Panay Demoed Both Tablets

Microsoft Corporate VP Panos Panay introduced the Surface Pro & Surface Pro 2 to a crowd of journalists earlier today. The first set of Surface tablets did not have a great introduction. These gadgets flopped severely on the market causing the company to take a $900 million write-off. With high hopes for these two new tablets, Panay demonstrated considerable enthusiasm when divulging the features housed on the Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2.

2. The Surface Pro 2 Is Essentially Similar To Its Predecessor

The Surface Pro 2 is a 10.6 inch tablet with capable of morphing into a laptop but a few minor differences compared to the previous Surface item. This particular tablet contains a full intel core i5 processor instead of a slower Intel Atom. CNET notes the 1,920×1,080 pixel-resolution display are similar to specs you can find in a high-end ultraportable laptop.

3. The Mediocre Battery Life Has Been Greatly Improved

This was the biggest complaint Panay declared that it would have a longer life by 75%. The new upgrade makes this tablet perfect for heavy usage and much more convenient that having to plug it in as much as possible. This is where the Haswell processor comes in. The brand new power cover feature will ADD 2.4 times the battery life to the patented tablet.

4. The Refined Docking Station Is One of The Best New Features

The docking station comes is incorporated into the Surface Pro 2. It offers three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, audio in and audio out, a MiniDisplay port and an ethernet jack. Microsoft wants this to replace computers (especially Macbooks based on a few Panay’s jokes) and this could help that cause based on its accessibility.

5. Surface Pro 2 Will Be Sold In Four Different Versions

Microsoft announced that the Surface Pro 2 will be solid as the following: 64GB and 128GB versions with 4GB of RAM, and 256GB and 512GB editions with 8GB of RAM. The final price will be $899. Pre-orders begin tomorrow at 8am.

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6. The Surface 2 Will Be Microsoft’s version of the iPad Mini

The second tablet, a continuation of the Surface RT, was introduced as smaller and thinner compared to the Surface Pro 2. Specs include: Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 1080p display and new two-stage kickstand.

7. The Surface 2 Kickstand Will Address The Criticisms From The Surface RT

The kickstand can only adjust to two angles. The first is the laptop format which is more comfortable when traveling. The feature will be suitable for trying out the onscreen keyboard.

8. The Surface 2 Will Be In Silver Instead of The Traditional Black

The new silver edition was added instead of black but the tablet still contains a black bezel that can extend around the device.

9. Windows 8.1 RT Will Run On Surface 2

That operating system will be encased within this tablet when it arrives in stores October 22nd. The Surface Pro 2 will have Windows 8.1.

10. The Surface 2 Will Cost $449

Cheaper compared to the Surface Pro 2, this tablet will only be $100 more than the previous RT. Other additions will be a colorful set of power covers. We are still updating with our first impressions. Stay tuned!

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