Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 5S: Which Should You Buy?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be considerable competition for the iPhone 5S this fall. (Getty)

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 last week, a brand new phablet with a 5.7 inch screen that has a replaceable back panel and smooth user interface function between multiple Samsung devices. Accompanied by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the South Korean electronics company has a considerable arsenal for this year’s annual smartphone wars.


Could the iPhone 5S stand strong this fall against competition from Samsung?

Not to be left out, Apple has staked their claim with two new iPhones. The flagship phone for this year’s batch is called the iPhone 5S. This gloriously golden gadget was joined by the iPhone 5C. From what we saw yesterday, both phones will be outfitted with a refined version of iOS 7 that will completely alter the operating system for maximum use.

So which should you buy? Besides iOS 7, the iPhone 5S will have a slew of new features could give it an edge over the galaxy note 3. A fingerprint scanner may be housed within the home button adding an extra layer of security to the smartphone while a 12 mega-pixel camera and A7 processor complete the whole package. The colors will vary between black, white, gold and pink too.

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The Note 3 contains an enhanced stylus called the S-Pen and a unique tool called Air Command. The emphasis of all the new Samsung products was accessibility which Air Command really delivers on. Using the stylus, owners can access the central commands of the S-Pen. These range from scrapbooks which organize and track down content to action memos which lets users handwrite a note and automatically execute a function.

The Galaxy Note 3 will run with Android 4.3 but some of its features have gotten criticized for being too clunky and slow.

The iPhone 5S looks like it will be the victor this fall. The combination of iOS 7, golden cases, quick processing, hi-res cameras and enhanced security will be attractive to a huge audience. The iPhone 5C will probably come in a close second but the Galaxy Note 3 should still perform well thanks to the invention of its new smartwatch. The Note 3 has less variety than the iPhone 5S and I think that could be its big downfall when it goes head to head with Apple’s smartphones.

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