WATCH: Video Shows Rumored iPhone 5C Fully Powered & Operational

This video posted on Youku by C Technology claims to show an iPhone 5C fully powered and operational housed in powder blue case. While the quality varies with the camera shifting in and out of the person testing it out, the short clip shows the experimenter navigating effortlessly through the phone operating what could be the final version of iOS 7.

If this our first legitimate look at the alternative iPhone arriving this fall, it’s a good sign that the hardware is assembled and ready to ship to stores. Leaks have been slowly surfacing as Apple is set to host a press conference tomorrow to launch their next set of gadgets.

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The rumored iPhone 5C is the “cheaper” iPhone designed to increase Apple’s control over smartphones in emerging markets. It may be sold along with the iPhone 5S, a champagne colored smartphone that is supposed to be the more high-end device. Also, Apple is expected to reveal the final release date & download for its next version of the mobile operating system iOS 7.

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