Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 Gold To Compete With iPhone 5S

On September 10th, Apple introduced a gold iPhone 5S to the world. Samsung seemed to think there was something special about this product so the company recently tweeted that they would be releasing a gold Galaxy S4.

Coming from the Samsung Saudi Arabia twitter account, details surrounding this new creation are still vague. The company’s Middle East social feeds imply that a brown and pink iteration are on the way as well. Pricing and availability are still unknown according to CNET. The phones will have the same internal specs as the current Galaxy S4 on the market while operating on the latest version of Android. With the tweets appearing on these specific accounts, the new galaxy may only arrive overseas.


Apple broke records this weekend selling an estimated 9 million new iPhones despite inventory running low for the gold versions. (Getty)

Apple broke records with amount of phones it sold this past weekend. Samsung may have taken notice and decided that this strategy should work for them. The champagne shade that Apple added to the new flagship iPhone is the first they’ve deviated from the traditional color scheme so Samsung could be taking notes.