YouTube Comments Upgrade Will Make Internet a Better Place

YouTube comments are set to undergo a major change soon. Starting today, YouTube will integrate the Google+ platform into YouTube comments. According to, the system is being rolled out as we speak.

Previously, the YouTube blog stated:

When it comes to the conversations happening on YouTube, recent does not necessarily mean relevant. So, comments will soon become conversations that matter to you. In the coming months, comments from people you care about will rise up where you can see them, while new tools will help video creators moderate conversations for welcome and unwelcome voices.

Here’s what the new comments look like


Why it Matters

YouTube comments are notoriously the worst on the internet. Using this integration, Google will be able to reduce anonymity, by tying comments to Google+ accounts, but the main benefit will be the fact that comments will be sorted better, by relevance and G+ affiliation, which means a better YouTube experience for all. Hopefully, it will be less racist. Moreover, by sorting G+ replies as subcomments, it will likely be the case that actual good discussions happen on YouTube. Whoa, that’s crazy.

Additionally, YouTube channel owners will now have more control over large scale comment control and curation. According to TheNextWeb,

YouTube is also implementing some features designed to help channel owners better manage comments at scale. For those with heavily engaged fans, the new commenting system offers new moderation controls, specifically so they can review comments before they’re posted, block certain words from appearing, and whitelisting specific users.

Reportedly, these changes can be expected to take hold within 1 to 2 months. Until then, it’s the Wild West of the current YouTube comment system. On the plus side, despite the madness. A lot of comment on YouTube are pretty great. Check out this collection of the 20 Awesomest below.

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