RUMOR: Nokia Lumia 1520 Launch Event Set For October 22nd

Nokia may have staked a claim next month to present their rumored Lumia 1520 smartphone with this teaser tweeted on their personal profile. Titled “Innovation is Reinvention”, the photo shows two adventurous skiers traversing down a desert landscape. Its unknown if the actual event will take place in an exotic locale but its the first sign that Nokia has a plan to divulge their newest smartphone.


@Evleaks posted these images of the alleged gargantuan smartphone

Originally, the company was supposed to present a new phablet at the end of next week but postponed it to an unspecified date and time. Earlier this month, Microsoft had bought the devices and services unit of the firm in order to produce its own series of smartphones in house which may have been the reason for pushing off this product launch making room for Microsoft to announce its two new Surface tablets on Monday.

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The Nokia Lumia 1520, code-named Bandit, is estimated to be the first of many six inch windows phones containing 1080p displays. October is is becoming a busy month with Apple rumored to announce their next set of iPads as well. If Nokia wants to prove its a viable competitor after this merger, it has its work cut out for it.

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