Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch at Samsung Unpacked Episode 2. Here are the top ten facts you need to know.

1. Galaxy Gear Will Come In Six Different Colors


Samsung wanted to focus on comfort and accessibility with six different shades available for customers.

2. A Simple Swipe Lets You Navigate The Watch


Intended as a true companion to the Galaxy Note 3, a swipe motion lets you go back and forth between tasks and access apps with a simple touch.

3. Smart Relay Is A Multi-Platform Feature For Larger Screens

Smart Relay makes working Samsung devices truly seamless. Gear’s connection is seamless and lets you sync up with an entire digital database. Voice commands are included as well for Smart Relay when you want to switch over to your Note 3.

4. Gear Can Answer Calls From Your Smartphone


The watch holds multiple microphones to let the watch serve as phone in case you can’t reach your Galaxy Note 3. Relying on blue-tooth connectivity, the phone can answer the incoming messages.

5. S-Voice Serves As a Siri-Like Assistant To The Watch


This assistant can let you make calls, check messages or get weather forecasts through simple voice commands.

6. Memographer Works As A Multi-purpose Camera


In one quick swipe, you can access an imaging sensor to take pictures. It cuts down on the time to take pictures with a simple swipe down and click. For every moment, it serves as a quicker lens and has fast sharing capabilities.

7. Gear Can Run Over 70 Apps


The watch supports every Galaxy app and will have its own app store. The store will be coming soon but the watch can support popular programs like Feedly, Path, Pocket and Snapchat.

8. It Has 25+ Hours of Battery Life


New software should be rolling out in October as well.

9. It Will Run On Android 4.3


This Android OS update known as Jelly Bean should be coming to the new phone and tablet too.

10. Galaxy Gear’s Official Release Date is October


The US and Japan will have the device that month while the rest of the world will get it September 25th.