Sony Xperia Z1 Smartphone Features: What You Need To Know


At the 2013 IFA Technology conference, Sony presented their new smartphone called the Xperia Z1. It combines all of the important elements Sony wanted for in. The phone is completely water proof and has a 3x clear image for the camera. Time shift burst will allow 61 images to be captured in 62 seconds. A/R images lets users capture various images to help with a better camera experience. The camera is the major highlight of the phone illustrating that the tech sector utilized the creative areas of the company to give an amazing visual experience. Cameras can link with the phone to attach view finders and turn the phone into a fantastic camera.

Infoeye will provide a visual search function as it sends a bundle of information back to you about a specific object that gets photographed. Developers are working on open source content to create a social suite for potential customers. Social live is a feature that gives you the ability to broadcast videos as well as an AR effects function.

The screen is immensely powerful with a five inch 1080p display and has an incredible battery life. The phone comes with a Qualcomm snapdragon processor that enables a 21 megapixel snapper while its software will run on Android 4.3.

Every Experia Z1 will come with 100$ worth of entertainment content and would enjoy an exclusive movie and will enjoy watching Elysium before it comes to DVD. Sony’s one touch function will let you connect to dozens of Sony devices thanks to NFC. The emphasis is on multi-platform support as the device is compatible with the Smart-watch 2 and a camera stand.


With an adapter, the camera view finders can attach to ANY smartphone. The QX10 and QX100 both feature wi-fi, one touch connectivity and a beyond processor and the QX10 features a 10x optical zoom magnifying the Xperia Z1’s camera capabilities.

The launch will be sometime this month. Samsung is set unveil their phone and smartwatch later today. Developing.