Top 10 Best Android Action Games of September 2013

Are you looking for some new action games to play on your Android device? Here’s a list of the top 10 best Android action games of September 2013.

1. Angry Birds Seasons

A Magical Angry Birds Seasons Update — Abra-Ca-Bacon coming May 16!Abra-Ca-Bacon free update coming May 16 to Angry Birds Seasons! Angry Birds presents Abra-Ca-Bacon, the newest addition to Angry Birds Seasons! We're introducing Magic Portals, a totally new gameplay mechanic that allows you to teleport Angry Birds, Bad Piggies and just about anything else! There are 30 fantastic new levels, plus six more bonus…2013-05-10T13:21:53Z

In Angry Bird Seasons, the birds are celebrating everything from Halloween, Chinese Moon Festival and St. Patrick’s Day to Easter. With more than 300 levels, and regular updates, these special episodes offer more challenges and tons of pig-popping action. See if you can discover the golden eggs. You can download Angry Bird Seasons from the Google Play Store here.

2. Zombie World War

zombie world war android app

Zombie World War is an action game developed by FT Games. A virus has spread and the human race has become infected. Society and governments have lost control, and its up to you to fight for the survival of the human race. Test your skills and battle your way to victory! You can download Zombie World War from the Google Play Store here.

3. Stick Run Mobile

VideoVideo related to top 10 best android action games of september 20132013-09-17T18:24:05-04:00

Stick Run Mobile is an side-scrolling game developed by Manuel Otto. Players will run and jump over crates, panes of glass and rotating saw blades. Just make sure you don’t run into the crates or blades, otherwise players will have to restart and try again. You can download Stick Run Mobile from the Google Play Store here.

4. HellFire: The Summoning

VideoVideo related to top 10 best android action games of september 20132013-09-17T18:24:05-04:00

HellFire: The Summoning is an action game developed by Mobbage. Play as a gate hunter and destroy the sinister creatures of hell. Explore unique 3D worlds and command dragons and deadly beasts. HellFire offers players new challenges and hours of gameplay. You can download HellFire: The Summoning from the Google Play Store here.

5. Jungle Heat

JungleHeat – TeaserWebsite: Jungle Heat is a dynamic game in which you can develop your military base and fight against other players for the treasures of the jungle. – Expand your military base! Take resources from enemies and build an impregnable fortress! – Enjoy the vibrant animated graphics! Cartoon-style graphics will impress you! – Compete against…2013-08-30T07:41:45Z

Jungle Heat is an action game developed by In Jungle Heat, players must develop a military base, build and upgrade troops for defense, and battle against other players. Find out who has attacked you and take revenge by grabbing their treasure! Jungle Heat is bursting with fierce battles and military bases. The graphics are vibrant and the gameplay is addicting. You can download Jungle Heat from the Google Play Store here.

6. Hell Zombie

hell zombie android app

Hell Zombie is an action game developed by FT Games. The gates of hell opened and the castle has been destroyed. Play as a general and help rebuild the castle, along with training troops. Use weapons and a variety of magic spells against the zombie armies. Use your strategy skills and push your limits in tough boss battles. You can download Hell Zombie from the Google Play Store here.

7. Monster Warlord

monster warlord android app

Monster Warlord is an action game developed by Gamevil Inc. Help guide Mika and embark on a journey to complete quests and catch mysterious monsters. Capture the strongest monsters and challenge the strength of your monster. Catch rare monsters during quests and battles. With each quest you complete, you will be rewarded with experience points and rare new items. You can download Monster Warlord from the Google Play Store here.

8. Super Action Hero

Super Action Hero – Gameplay Trailer [HD]SUPERULTRA ADDICTIVE MEGA HARDCORE HYPERACTIVE FABULOUSLYSMASHING COMBO ACTION! Watch out Baddies, Super Action Hero is arriving to iOS and Google!! -Brief game description- Super powerful action with cartoonish character! Super Action Hero will bring you stress-relieving hyperactive hardcore Combo action! Become a hero, battle against mysterious forces of evil in order to protect the universe,…2012-09-07T06:59:32Z

Super Action Hero is an action game developed by Com2uS. Players become a hero and battle against forces of evil too protect the universe. Team up with allies and come up with different strategies. Complete over 100 missions and become a strong hero. You can download Super Action Hero from the Google Play Store here.

9. Legend Online: Dragons

legend online dragons android app

Legend Online: Dragons is an action game developed by FreeThought. Personalize your soldiers and engage in titan battles for supremacy. Develop your city, upgrade your weapons, and fight in a massive-multiplayer online war. You can download Legend Online: Dragons from the Google Play Store here.

10. Bunny Skater

bunny skater android app

Bunny Skater is an action game developed by Candy Mobile. Players help Bunny skate through obstacles and collect carrots. Simply tap the screen to accelerate and jump through obstacles. Collect all the carrots you can and earn points. Bunny Skater is a super fun adventure. You can download Bunny Skater from the Google Play Store here.

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