Amazon Login and Pay Feature Helps Make Purchases From Any Store Online

Amazon continues its quest to become a retail giant by launch “Login and Pay With Amazon” that essentially is a direct competitor to Paypal. The feature allows customers to pay for products at a variety of online stores using their Amazon accounts. This means that consumers can avoid the frustration of signing up for multiple accounts at dozens of outlets and endure the pain of trying to remember multiple passwords.

This development doubles as a payment tool in which customers can purchase the item online hassle-free. Once you complete the process, a “Pay with Amazon” button should pop up at the end alongside the Paypal and credit card buttons. Other companies offer similar services like Google Wallet but Amazon is essentially building up this function after they unveiled Login With Amazon last year.


The tool is now active and the button seen above should pop up during a purchase. (TechCrunch)

This benefits businesses too since Amazon has a customer base of 215 million. Retail websites can embed this function with a set of widgets and API’s. Interested in getting started? Click here to get your account set up.

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