RUMOR: Amazon & HTC Team Up To Create A New Smartphone


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos may have given HTC something to smile about. (Getty)

New reports are claiming that retail giant Amazon has teamed up with HTC to make a new series of smartphones. No time line has been set for the actual release of these devices but apparently one of them is in an advanced stage of development.

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Rumors revolving around Amazon creating their own series of smartphones has been around for years. At the very end of the summer, a few “leaks” emerged that Jeff Bezos and his company would sell their own flagship phone for free. Unfortunately for cash-strapped customers, this speculation was quickly quashed.

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It’s no secret that HTC is struggling especially after the desperate move they made to enlist Robert Downey Jr. in their expensive ad campaign. The taiwanese smartphone maker has tried to partner with other well known entities before like Facebook but these creations never seem to pan out. Amazon has already had success in selling their series of tablets but a phone is a different situation. If this rumor is true, this “change” could be what HTC needs.