Android 4.4 Kitkat Features: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Android 4.4 has been launched with the new Nexus 5. Called Kitkat, the new software upgrade has a series of new features that make this the best installment yet. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.Google Now Has Been Refined

This element of the new software has become an integral part of Android. It performs a variety of awesome features especially with Search. The upgrade includes apps appearing in search results. Access the program with a swipe to the right on the screen. Google Now is completely interactive since it can offer suggestions on content just like the long dead Google Reader.

2. Google Search Incorporates Speech Recoginition

Search has always been a big part of Google’s services and Android 4.4 has incorporated speech recognition into the software. Search is now on every home screen for Android devices but voice system will respond to your queries in a similar manner to Siri. Sundar Pichai claimed that Google reduced the speech rate error in the software but it will ask you clarifications if it can’t understand you.

3. Kitkat Can Run Non-Google Apps

AllThingsD notes this was an attempt to cut down on fragmentation. Google’s goal is to reach another billion people by 2014 and they must just do it with all the tools encased within this android update. The system will detect areas that have available memory and communicate that to other apps. Essentially, this serves as a power saving function which can help adjust and alter your devices for apps.

4. Kitkat Launches Today

It will be embedded in the Nexus 5 which goes on sale today. Its Nexus siblings as well as its other competitors like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy will receive it in a few weeks. Fortunately, it will only require 512 MB of RAM which means that it can work perfectly on lower end devices.

5. Android 4.4 Will Be An OTA Update

Sundar Pichai did not specify what the exact release date would be. Other features Android 4.4 will have are the ability to connect to a wireless printer as well as an enhanced HDR+ camera.

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