Apple iPad Event Preview: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Apple will be announcing two new iPads and possibly other new products on October 22nd. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The iPad 5 & iPad Mini 2 Will Be Unveiled


The iPad 5 could come equipped with a high-def LCD screen. (Sonny Dickson)

With the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c on store shelves, Apple’s next rollout will be for its famous series of tablets. The two iPads that may be unveiled that will essentially look the same based on previous reports. Both gadgets may come in space gray similar to the fifth-gen iPod.

2. The iPad 5 Will Have The Biggest Redesign Since the iPad 3

New iPad 5 Parts Leaked? (First Look + Comparison)Share this with your friends – Subscribe for more – Stay tuned for our iPad 5 unboxing! In this video, we compare leaked iPad 5 components to the previous generation retina iPad (iPad 4). The most striking difference between the 2 iPads is the width measurement. The New iPad 5 is 1.5 cm…2013-09-04T05:27:01.000Z

The changes being applied to this device is the biggest alteration the iPad has seen since the the third version came out back in March 2012. Estimated to be 9.7 inches, the tablet could also be two-thirds of an inch narrower than the version currently on the market.

3. The iPad Mini 2 Could Have A Retina Display


This is a mockup of the iPad Mini 2. (AppleInsider)

This has become one of the most prevalent rumors revolving around the iPad Mini 2. A retina upgrade would greatly increase the resolution on the screen which would make the mini surpass the iPad 4. However, this hypothetical feature could be place the pad in short supply. There is a possibility that since they are just building it this year, inventory could be very low since Apple would want to work as many kinks out of it as they could. The resolution for the iPad Mini was pretty poor so this solution for it could work well despite how it may drive up the price.

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4.No Release Date & Price Have Been Set


The new iPads could be released around the holidays while some reports indicate it could happen almost a week after the event. (Getty)

While its guaranteed that Apple will be announcing both of these iPads but there is no idea on when they will be released or at what price. The iPad 4 was released in November 2012 so it would be perfect timing if these tablets were unleashed around the holidays. The price could stay consistent with their predecessors but there is no guarantee. The assumption is that the cost could go up with all the additional elements Apple is incorporating into them such as the retina display and the possibility of a fingerprint scanner.

5.OS X Mavericks And The New Macbooks Should Be Revealed As Well


OS X Mavericks, the company’s newest operating system for the Macs, should accompany the iPads next week. (Getty)

The iPad 5 & iPad Mini 2 will be the primary focus of this spectacle next week but Tim Cook and his team should unveil a few other products. The final build of OS X Mavericks was seeded to developers a few weeks ago and a designated launch date is expected. Also, new Mac computers could be on the line up as well Over the summer, Apple was strategically placing ads for the 2013 Macbook Air in front of some of the biggest summer movies and the buzz surrounding that has died down a little bit. The Apple TV could get a refresh as well but Mavericks and the macbooks are a much better bet. We’ll have all the information you need for next week so keep checking back for more!

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