BBM For Android & iOS: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Blackberry has brought BBM to Android & iOS. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The BBM App Offers The Same Messaging Abilities On Both Platforms

Blackberry has not changed the core of this messaging tool which has proven to be one of the rare bright spots so far in the company’s downward spiral. For those who are unfamiliar with it, BBM lets you send messages between friends that can reach 2000 characters. Read receipts are built in as well with the option of video & voice messages too. It connects to a select amount of apps similar to iOS messaging features. The videos in this article also show off some of the other features BBM can do.

2. Install BBM Support Before Downloading

In case your interested in trying out BBM, make sure you embed support software before downloading. The requirements vary for each system but they’re very small. Android phones need to be running on at least the Ice Cream Sandwich version while iPhones need to be equipped with either iOS 6 or iOS 7.

3. The Download Is Free

Fortunately, you don’t need to pay a high price to acquire BBM on either platform. This element of Blackberry’s service has proven to be very popular. It’s clung to the top of the app charts in both the Google Play Store and the App Store for weeks now. It’s worth checking out.

4. Beware The Reviews

The company has come under fire for a series of suspiciously positive reviews. A few odd five-star assessments have surfaced practically proclaiming this BBM app is one of the best things ever made. While I have the app on my iPhone and I love the way it works, do your research first and don’t trust some of the comments found in the respective stores.

5. Is There Hope For Blackberry?

The company’s role as a smartphone maker is certainly in doubt but it could have a second revival as a programming hub. In the mid-aughts, everyone loved Blackberry. BBM was awesome. This new app is still cool despite the name making it sound outdated. Obviously, test this out on your iPhone or Droid but avoid Blackberry phones at all costs. There is potential and BBM for iOS & Android proves that. You can download BBM for iPhone here and BBM for Android here.

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