Cover App for Android: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Google Play Store will add an interesting new app called Cover. The app was created by a team of former Google employees. Here are five fast facts you need to know about the newest program.

1. Cover’s Core Purpose Is Organization

Cover – The right apps at the right timeDownload Cover for free on Google Play: Introducing Cover for Android: The fastest way to get to the right apps at the right time.2013-10-24T16:44:27.000Z

The best apps are sometimes the most simple. Cover is a new addition to this category (invite-only) for Android users. Covers allows for optimal organization on the lock screen by customizing the apps you need the most and leaving them easily accessible to you. Apps will appear on the left side of the phone when it shows up. It gets customized in three different modes but the ability to alter those aspects is still minimal.

2. It Coordinates Apps Through Various Methods


The app harnesses an algorithm to decide which apps are best suited for you at a given time. (Cover)

Of course, people use a large amount of apps for different things so how does it prioritize. For different locations, it uses a variety of tools to discover which apps will suit you for specific situations. The lock-screen replacement will track usage rates and time spent on these programs to determine which selection it should offer you. Productivity apps will be offered if you’re using your devices at work or streaming apps appear in case you are sitting stationary at home in front of the TV.

3. Permission Is Required For It To Monitor Activity


It needs to be given permission to access your activity since the lockscreen function is intuitive. (Cover)

Don’t be nervous if you think sounds like your machine is spying on you. In order for it to accurately gauge what you need, permission needs to be granted. Based on its findings, it will produce the six most important apps it thinks you need for that point and time.

4. It Tweaks Aspects of The Android User Interface


Founders Edward Ho, Todd Jackson and Gordon Luk are proud of the Android experience. (AllThingsD)

The ability to edit certain features is still limited. However, the “Peek” function lets you view the contents of an app without bypassing the security codes encased within your device. Cover captures some of the best parts of the Android experience and has tweaked several elements of the UI. This may not be mind-blowing but it is brilliant in the simple things it takes advantage of.

5. There Will Not Be An iOS Version


Don’t expect an iOS version in the future. (Cover)

Cover is the best Android app you’ll find. The founders won’t expand into another area since this supports all of the areas of the Android experience. The app has not arrived in the store so its unknown if it will be free or not. If you own and Android device, I think this will be an amazing program to own.

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