How To Disable Twitter’s New Photo & Vine Preview Feature

Yesterday, Twitter updated its app with a new interactive feature that lets users preview photos and Vines directly from their timelines. For their upcoming IPO, this was an obvious attempt to please advertisers who may be interested in this new service. Unfortunately, members of the community may not like it. Read on to find out how to disable this element of the app.

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1. Head To The Settings Menu


For iPhone owners, head to the settings menu for the Twitter app to disable this feature. You can choose to keep it on but the images and videos could become overwhelming. Browsing through my stream, I was assaulted by an incredible amount of pointless vines and images that I had no intention of viewing.

2. Switch It Off


All it takes is a simple swipe. Your timeline won’t have these pictures and videos appear anymore. This process works for the mobile app but won’t for the desktop version. Of course, you can leave this active if you enjoy it.