Facebook Down: 5 Fast Fast Facts You Need To Know

Facebook is down for a majority of users. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.Its Impossible For Status Updates

Users began noticing this issue this morning. Downrightnow is reporting that the issue began almost 2 hours ago EST. When some members of the Facebook community tried to post statuses, they received error warnings that said they could try again in a few minutes.

2.Facebook Has Not Addressed This Yet

No post has appeared on the blog telling us what the issue is. Scott Kleinberg from The Chicago Tribune notes that some functionality has returned but is still down in other countries too.

3. The App Is Down As Well

At least for the iOS version but unknown for Android. The iOS app was giving me some issues over the weekend as well. I had to reboot the app multiple times and I still couldnt gain access. It kept telling me I had an error in terms of logging in from my phone and it timed out.

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4. Business Pages are struggling still

While some reports like I mentioned above are claiming that their is some functionality but business pages are still moving slowly. Our company page is experiencing some problems too.

5. Issues Happened Over The Weekend

The main site had similar issues over the weekend but no one knows if this is related.

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