Google+ Features Update With New Photo Editing And Search Tools


Google+ has received a series of new updates for its photo and video tools. (The Verge)

In a surprise announcement today, Google updated their Google+ service with a variety of new features. Photographers and aspiring filmmakers will be overjoyed regarding the new additions considering these new widgets make this an artist’s paradise.

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Beginning with the iOS app, Google has incorporated the ability to upload full sized images from iPhones which brings it closer to what the Android app offers. Embracing deeper learning, the company has finally added the photo search function demoed at Google I/O. By typing it specific search terms, Google+ will return photo results the best way possible. The results can be parsed from pictures found on your friends circles as well.

Moving to editing, Google’s Vic Gundotra demonstrated that some subtle tweaks were applied to the editing suite within this social service. Auto-enhance controls are more refined with more light adjusting presets added. HDR scrape is an interactive control that lets users swipe from left to right to control the filter. Despite all these additions, Auto awesome is the best part of this development. This tool allows for you to make GIFs from the images you upload on your phone and through your desktop. This will transfer to videos soon too. All of these updates are active TODAY.