How To Order A Kitten With The Uber App Today

The popular ridesharing app Uber is offering a special service today in honor of National Cat day. Kittens can be dropped off at your office to play with for a limited time. From 11am to 4pm EST, these furry pals can be dropped at your cubicle. This special stress reliever will only last fifteen minutes. Interested in learning how to do this? This how you order a kitten with the Uber app.

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1. Download The App For iPhone and Android


The download moves quickly and could be worth it if your a cat lover. Fair warning, the supply for New York is running low! San Francisco and Seattle are the other two cities that are offering this today so you may have better luck if you live there.

2. Request the “KITTENS!” Button


Once you download the program, a Kittens button should pop up. Click on the button and pay $20 which will be donated to your local animal shelter. Uber and cat meme kingpin Cheezburger teamed up for this partnership but 15 minutes is all you get!

3. Kittens and Cupcakes Will Arrive After The Order


Happy National Cat Day! (Cheezburger)

After completing the process, your oder will arrive quickly. As a special incentive, cupcakes from Duff Goldman will join these cuddly pals.

Uber has pulled tricks like this before to get people to use their service but this is pretty creative. If you end up getting one dropped off at your work, leave us a comment with pictures!