HTC One Max: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

HTC One Max is the newest smartphone to enter this increasingly competitive market. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Phone Is Now In Phablet Territory With A Huge Screen


The Verge

HTC’s new flagship phone emphasizes that size matters with a 5.9 inch screen. The size differential between these models is considerable. The One Mini is 4.3 inches while the One is 4.7 inches.

2. The Fingerprint Scanner Has Multi-tasking Abilities


The fingerprint scanner is located directly below the camera on the back. (The Verge)

The iPhone 5S started a wave of interest in fingerprint scanners and the HTC One Max has this feature embedded right below the camera lens. The feature can be programmed for up to three prints which can launch three separate apps without unlocking the home screen.

3. The Megapixel Camera Returns


The camera is missing one key ingredient. (The Verge)

The One Max’s camera fails to include Optical Image Stabilization. This essential function supports high-quality pictures but makes it difficult to capture these images in a low-light environment or sitting still but the high-res graphics help clean up the picture.

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4. The Back Cover Can Be Removed


The back cover can be removed for storage upgrading but not to fix battery power. (The Verge)

In a unique twist, the HTC One Max allows for you to remove the back cover and upgrade the storage size. Through a microSD, you can expand the size from 16GB or 32GB with 64GB more storage.

5. The Phone Will Be Released Next Month


The Verge

It will ship with Android 4.3 already installed on top of the Sense 5.5 which is HTC’s own user interface. Verizon and Sprint customers will be able to have the phone next month.

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