iOS 7 Bugs & Glitches: Fake Fingerprints Easily Hack iPhones

Flaws in iOS 7 allow stolen iPhone to hijack Apple ID despite remote The iPhone 5s's fingerprint sensor does not only appear to provide no additional protection, its use even undermines other security mechanisms. This video demonstrates how other flaws in iOS and iCloud are exposed that — when combined with Touch ID's vulnerability to fingerprint spoofing — allow for online identity theft.2013-10-03T20:16:26.000Z

After issuing an update for iOS 7 last week to repair some of major flaws within in the lock screen, Apple may have to prolong another installment to fix this new glitch that was discovered by a German security firm called SR labs.

In the video above, the new problem was discovered in the Airplane mode feature for iPhones. Although this hack is much more complicated than most of the other errors that have appeared, this still is alarming considering how easily these security features can be fooled.

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Essentially, this error requires a thief to physically steal your phone. On the new feature created for iOS 7 called Control Panel, Airplane Mode can be accessed and turned on. This prevents you from using the Find My iPhone feature to locate your hijacked piece of hardware. Also, it blocks the Apple auto-wipe function giving the crook ample time to crack your password.

In case you weren’t worried enough already, the researchers video shows that the Touch ID can be easily fooled as well. If the thief struggles with cracking the code, they can create a fake fingerprint to trick the iPhone 5S. Removing remnants of the owners fingerprint is simple and will take the hacker no more than an hour to do. No known blocks for this are know right now.

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