iPad Air vs Amazon Kindle Fire HDX: Which Should You Buy?


The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX may be a viable competitor against the iPad Air. (Getty)

Apple unveiled the iPad Air on Tuesday launching the next wave of popular tablets. The lighter pad is equipped with 9.7 inch retina display and the powerful A7 processor. Of course, it will face a number of competitors like the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. While these are both powerful products, which should you buy?

The iPad Air is impressive. There is no doubt about it. Essentially, the “iPad 5” is the iPhone 5s compressed into a tablet. Besides the features mentioned above, this iPad has been completely changed on the outside. A slimmer bezel and chamfered edges emphasize a new level of comfort for Apple users. Infused with iOS 7, the tablet performs remarkably well. The cost may be a little high the iPad may be worth the purchase.

However, rivals like Amazon are already envious of this creation. The Kindle Fire HDX is a strong tablet as well so it could be another option for cash-strapped customers. Amazon’s new ad takes a dig at Apple but they have a little bit of room to stand on. A strong pixelated display in conjunction with the new innovative customer service feature known as MayDay positions this tablet as more than an e-reader.

So who wins? I’d consider this one a tie. Both are durable products that will make either segment of fans happy. Yes, the costs may vary but each gadget has its own redeeming set of qualities whether its reading your favorite novel on the Kindle or working on an important memo through the iPad Air. The Kindle Fire HDX will arrive in stores October 31st while the iPad Air is out November 1st.

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