iPad Mini 2 Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

The iPad Mini 2 is rumored to be one of the two new tablets Apple may be announcing on October 22nd. The first iPad Mini came out only a year ago but Apple may want to continue the product line quickly. From the expected features to the rumored release date, here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Design Will Stay The Same


This may be what the iPad Mini 2 looks like after several leaks have happened in the past few months. (Sonny Dickson)

One of the most prominent pieces of speculation surrounding the new iPads is that Apple may keep their design the same. Essentially, the iPad 5 & iPad Mini 2 will look very similar to each other with varying measurements and dimensions. The Mini will have 7.9 inch display wile the iPad 5 could come with a 9.7 inch screen. Despite these differences, it still could be confusing on which is which.

2. The iPad Mini 2 Could Have A Retina Display


The upgrade for the second mini would alter the screen considerably if Apple incorporates a retina display. (Macrumors)

The lack of a retina display for the first iPad Mini was a big concern for customers who felt that the price didn’t fit for the device. Apple may be addressing this concern with the new model since this type of display has been heavily rumored to be apart of the new mini. While numerous reports have indicated that Apple was experimenting with an IGZO display to try film instead of glass, the high cost of producing retina displays may mean that the company will opt out of this idea. Last April, the company’s supply partners were believed to be struggling with certain elements of the devices but tomorrow we could find out if Apple stuck with this strategy.

3. It Could Run On An A6 Instead of The A7


The 2012 iPad Mini ran on A5 chip but that could change with the new tablet. (CNET)

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team tried something new this year when they released two new iPhones with different specs. One of the new additions was an A7 processor for the iPhone 5s which complimented the processing speed well. The iPad Mini ran on an A5 so Apple could incorporate an A6 since it would be the next logical step. The A7 was well received but Apple may choose to stay on a linear path instead of jumping ahead.

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4. Price And Release Date Are Still Vague


The new iPads release date and pricing are still unknown. (CNET)

It’s hard to predict when these tablets will be hitting the market since Apple has been changing their strategy up this year. The iPad Mini arrived around the first week of November which was right in time for the holidays. Of course, the tablets would come to the Apple Stores at the same time but the cost would be considerably different. If they include a retina display, the price would shoot upwards to match the current iPad 4. The iPad 5 will be a few hundred dollars more than its little brother but it’s tough to tell.

5. iPad Mini 3 Slated For 2014?


Apple may have the next set of iPads for 2014 before the new ones reach the market. (9to5Mac)

Tim Cook is making sure he dispels the notion that Apple can’t innovate anymore by creating as many new products as possible. While the iPads and other products are guaranteed to be revealed tomorrow, the firm may already be working on the next batch for 2014. Budget iMacs and higher-rest iPads may be on the agenda since rumors surfaced that Apple was exploring the possibility of applying HUGE screens to these devices in order to create their own phablets. While this is another rumor to analyze at a later time, Apple will probably have a few surprises in store for us tomorrow. Check back in tomorrow to see our live stream coverage!

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