HTC Sends Man Whose Life Saved by Cell Phone a Free HTC One

Yesterday, a Florida man’s life was saved in the town of Winter Garden after taking a shot to the chest, which his HTC smartphone (some people are saying it’s the Evo) stopped. HTC responded to the man’s good fortune (and bad fortune for his phone) with the above tweet.

The whole story goes that the robber broke into the store, demanded he open the safe, and when he was unable, the robber did the only rational thing and shot him. Well, then. Good thing HTC phones are apparently bullet-stopping hunks of metal and glass.

Looks like the tweet was a good PR move for HTC as it received many retweets, favs, and positive comments:

The tweet is currently number one on the R/Android subreddit with over 1500 upvotes.

reddit screen cap

Good PR play, HTC, and also, that was a nice thing for you to do. One funny redditor said “Quick, guys, I’ve got an idea. Someone get me a Nexus 4 and a gun.”

in related news, the subreddit is currently overrun with Nexus 5 threads and it has gotten so bad, that a tag designates “NOT NEXUS 5” whenever a story isn’t about the upcoming phone, so we can’t blame this redditor for considering having himself shot.

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