Microsoft VP Steve Guggenheimer At TNW 2013 Live Blog


Steve Guggenheimer is the Corporate VP of Microsoft managing the company’s developer platform. His keynote will discuss the distribution of apps and the development of these programs. Here is our live blog.

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Guggenheimer kept his presentation remarkably short to make way for Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit. Briefly mention the retiring CEO Steve Ballmer, the exec discussed apps and their purpose. His presentation discussed how certain apps will evolve and support incredible endeavors in business and other fields. He acknowledges that iOS apps and Android apps dominate the market but admits that these new Windows Apps will change how we view Microsoft products. A discernible chuckle could be heard filtering through the audience after this statement but Guggenheimer displayed the potential of some of these apps for doctors, businessman and other influential figures. With a quick exit, Alexis Ohanian appeared on the stage.