Nest Protect Smoke Detector: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Nest has announced their new smoke detector called Nest Protect. The device was created Tony Fadell, the man responsible for the iPod. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Smoke Detector Offers Fewer False Alarms

Priding itself on a sense of security and safety, the Nest Protect is essentially a smart smoke detector that will limit false alarms. With traditional detectors, the biggest nuisance was failing batteries that trigged faulty alerts. In order to accurately alert you when harmful toxins penetrate your humble home, the Nest Protect hooks into a local wi-fi network and utilizes motion sensors to detect if carbon monoxide and other chemicals are present. If discovered, voice alerts activate and the noise can be silenced with a simple hand gesture.

2. The Voice Alerts Are Soft And Soothing


Nest Protect Voice Alerts can be soft and soothing to alert you but can bypass that and trigger an alarm if it becomes an emergency (Nest Labs)

While the implementation of voice alerts is a novel concept for this creation, how would your children feel being woken up in the middle of the night by a harsh tone? Fortunately, Nest has thought of this possibility. The voices are feminine and soothing compared to a brash alarm that could echo uncomfortably throughout the house. Also, the languages can alternate between British, Canadian and U.S. English as well as Canadian French and Spanish.

3. The Nest Protect Tests Itself Every 10 Minutes


Nest Protect eliminates the need to constantly check battery life. (Nest Labs)

Adding more convenience for homeowners, the device tests itself every 10 minutes to ensure it is operating properly. Changing batteries can be a hassle so the gadget seeks to deal with that issue. To start this process, turn the Nest off at night. Once the green light turns off, the detector harnesses its sensors to do a self-scan. If everything is okay, the light briefly flares up to let you know that. A yellow circle indicates that something might be wrong internally.

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4. The Nest Thermostat Will Sync With This Device

Nest Labs seems to focus on innovation for basic appliances. Another product the company created is called the Nest Thermostat which was available for customers last fall. Both of these gadgets can sync with each other thanks to their individual sensors. If the smart smoke alarm picks up traces of carbon monoxide, it can alert the thermostat to shut off the heating system. Essentially, both gadgets will learn their owner’s habits and predict the best way to protect them.

5. It Will Cost $129 And Will Go On Sale This November


The Nest Protect will come in a black and white model. (TechCrunch)

The device goes on sale in November through Apple, Amazon, Best Buy and Home Depot. Coming in similar colors to the iPod, the price isn’t exactly cheap. CEO Tony Fadell tells CNET that he felt this was a perfect base price for customers after his company created it. Ultimately, this may be a good investment if it protects every inch of your home.

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