OS X Mavericks vs Microsoft Windows 8.1: Which Is Better?


OS X Mavericks made quite the impression yesterday but can it compete with Windows 8.1? (Getty)

Along with two new tablets, Apple unveiled the final version of OS X Mavericks. This operating system was well receiving offering numerous benefits such as power conservation and organization for browsing. During the presentation, Apple CEO Tim Cook took a few shots at rival Microsoft who released their update of Windows for PC users last week. Although comparing these two systems could be difficult, here is my analysis of which is better.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is struggling. The transition for the company towards a products & services installation has been difficult. Windows 8.1 was their first effort to prove that their is hope. From the smooth user interface to the return of the start button, the software was considered to be a significant improvement. The cost of the download comes out to be $119 but PC users seem to be enjoying the system so far.

Now, Tim Cook surprised EVERYONE yesterday by announcing OS X Mavericks will be a free download for Mac & iMac owners. The software update appeared in the Mac App store immediately emphasizing how Apple opted to beat Microsoft at its own game. Apple kept subtly hinting it was targeting this rival by improving upon numerous features like power-saving abilities and tags to manage content.

Mavericks is the real winner in this match. Mac owners will be pleased with the new OS while the free aspect is only a small source of satisfaction. Microsoft made a good effort to show that they are listening to their customers but Apple knows exactly what the community wants. Boosting battery power is a definite perk since the series of laptops can struggle with holding a strong charge after an extended period of ownership. The download for Mavericks should move smoothly while Windows is still working out a couple of glitches. Of course, you’re entitled to your own opinion but Mavericks wins this round.

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