Snapchat Has Handed Over Dozens of Unopened Messages To Law Enforcement


You may want to take a second look at your Snapchats before they delete themselves.

Snapchat has just revealed that they have handed over ‘dozens of unopened messages’ to law enforcement upon request. One of the popular features of Snapchat is that messages automatically delete themselves after viewing. This content is permanently wiped from their servers. However, trust and safety exec Micah Schaffer wrote a blog post explaining that they can retrieve unopened messages and supply them to security firms who need them. This applies for the Stories feature as well since the company is able to view the content that appears on these news feeds in case they show a violation of terms of service. This practice has been going on since May 2013.

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Of course, this would raise concerns for a number of reasons but Schaffer assures that the amount of information that has been dispersed to these security agencies is very small. The post mentions that only two employees are actually able to access them. They include himself and co-founder/CTO Bobby Murphy. The goal of this unveiling was for the execs to show the Snapchat audience how they operate.

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