The Next Web Conference 2013 Live Blog: Majora Carter & Jason Silva

Unfortunately, this will be the last set of speakers I’m going to be able to live blog. The first one will be Majora Carter, an award winning strategy consultant concluding with filmmaker Jason Silva. Check it out at 5:10 P.M. EST.

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5:15 P.M. EDT: Majora Carter has taken the stage.

5:17 P.M. EDT:: Her focus will be on innovation and diversity.

5:17 P.M. EDT:: 2040 is when whites won’t be the majority.

5:17 P.M. EDT::Majora feels that those who create tech are not in touch with a diversified consumer base.

5:17 P.M. EDT:: A picture pops up about the people who spent weeks waiting for their iPhones.

5:20 P.M. EDT:: Majora wants tech to become more open and help kids understand this field well to help people in lower-income communities.

5:22 P.M. EDT:: Majora’s startup goal was to make sure these kids produced high quality work and incorporated them into a software community and talk effectively with their clients.

5:22 P.M. EDT:: Carter wants to be a fully fledged QA software company. There is tremendous value in getting diversity into business.

5:25 P.M. EDT:: Filmmaker Jason Silva is about to take the stage!

5:25 P.M. EDT:: Silva wants assault our senses with exponential change. He LOVES Big Ideas.

5:27 P.M. EDT:: We live in a world that is global but exponential according to Silva.

5:30 P.M. EDT:: New technologies help us transform the world since they help to transform the way we think.

5:30 P.M. EDT:: Silvas series of films follow how these ideas are being used in the world.

5:32 P.M. EDT:: Silvas passion is shown through a series of the videos he mentioned. For the audience, his passion is pretty contagious.

5:32 P.M. EDT::”Technology is defined as the seventh kingdom of life.”

5:37 P.M. EDT:: Silva’s next video shows how NYC can become a pinnacle of evolution and development and is not shaped by traditional means!

5:40 P.M. EDT:: Silva tries to infuse his videos with a sense of infinite possibility.

5:40 P.M. EDT:: Biotech is the next target for innovation.

5:41 P.M. EDT:: Silvas presentation concludes with another video showing how all of the little elements in the world can lead to inspiration such as astonishment and rapture.

To search for these videos, head to his personal website. This guy is truly amazing and tech has so much potential we haven’t even recognized yet. So concludes my coverage of the conference!

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