Top 10 Best Android Strategy Games of September 2013

Google Play has a large selection of strategy games Here are the top 10 Android strategy games for September 2013.

1. Royal Revolt!

Royal Revolt – Official Google Play TrailerRoyal Revolt! is a game of the emerging' "Reverse Tower Defense" genre. In the game you are a young prince who has to win his kingdom back from his evil aunts and uncles who usurped it after his father's death. With simple and intuitive touch controls, the player directs the Prince through the beautifully designed…2012-10-23T08:21:19Z

Royal Revolt! is a tower defense game developed by Flaregames. Play as a young Prince and lead your soldiers to victory against your greedy relatives. Use simple touch controls to direct troops and conquer over 50 castles to become the king. Employ battle magic and upgrade your knights and spells. You can download Royal Revolt! from the Google Play Store here.

2. Gun Bros 2

Gun Bros 2 now available FREE on Android!2013-02-21T00:51:52Z

In Gun Bros 2, the Gun Bros are back to defend the galaxy from the T.O.O.L. insurgency. Choose from pistols & rocket launchers to unleash multiple mods at once. Invite your friends to join your tour of duty and battle against the Pus Titan, Maullusk and The Broliminator. You can download Gun Bros 2 from the Google Play Store here.

3. War Kingdoms Strategy Games RTS

war kingdoms strategy games rts android app

War Kingdom is a strategy game developed by Strategy Games. Rule your own kingdom and recruit a powerful army and fight for world domination. Produce resources and trade with thousands of players. Conquer colonies and to enlarge your kingdom. You can download War Kingdom from the Google Play Store here.

4. LandGrabbers

LandGrabbers for New great crusades simulator from Nevosoft! LandGrabbers, recognized as the Best Casual Game of the Year at the 2011 Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI 2011), is now available on Google Play! Imagine that you are in the Middle Ages. It's the time of castles, knights and the Crusades. Now imagine that you are a…2012-08-31T08:50:05Z

LandGrabbers is a strategy game created by Nevosoft Inc. Play as a brilliant military leader ready to conquer the world. Lead your team through enemies castles, knights, and fulfill your crusade. Know which buildings you want to use and upgrade them to increase troop size. Players can upgrade by earning gems. Challenge yourself to 36 levels based in four regions: forest, desert, iceberg, and island. LandGrabbers is an addictive strategy game. You can download LandGrabbers from the Google Play Store here.

5. Kingdoms Conquest II

Kingdom Conquest2 AdvertiseMovie全世界を熱狂させたスマホ用無料オンラインRPGの正当続編が2012年冬、ついに登場!2012-12-06T08:36:10Z

Kingdom Conquest II is a strategy game developed by SEGA. Create a mighty army and slay waves of dark fantasy creates and boss monsters. Collect rare items and monster cards and deploy them in 3D dungeon battles. Kingdom Conquest II is a highly addictive fantasy war game. You can download Kingdom Conquest from the Google Play Store here.

6. Defense Technica

Defense Technica – Official Trailer [HD]Think you know tower defense? Think again. Experience a new kind of Defense game with Defense Technica, featuring stunning 3D graphics and ground-breaking new features like path rotation, tower construction, tower upgrades, and card collection and combination! Defense Technica is the ultimate 3D Tower Defense Game! Check out these groundbreaking features: Tablet supported! Path Rotation…2013-08-27T09:04:55Z

Defense Technica is a tower defense game developed by Com2uS. Use your best strategy skills and build towers to defend against enemies. The more enemies you defeat the more resources you will receive to upgrade your tower. As you advance the waves of enemies become stronger. You can download Defense Technica from the Google Play Store here.

7. Kingdoms & Lords

kingdoms and lords android app

Kingdoms & Lords is a strategy game developed by Gameloft. Players must build their own village and train their army for combat. Upgrade buildings, weapons. and protect your kingdom! Steal your rivals resources and defeat them. Play against your friends and see who has the best army. You can download Kingdoms & Lords from the Google Play Store here.

8. Radiant Defense

Radiant DefenseMILLIONS OF ALIENS WILL DIE! They wanted war, let them have it! Build your space fortress and let the invasion begin! Original Soundtrack by Kubatko App Store – Google Play – Windows Phone – Mac App Store – Find out more at Vote up on Steam Greenlight:

Radiant Defense is tower defense game developed by Hexage Ltd. Build your own fortress and kill the countless waves of enemies. Chose from a wide variety of weapons including 3 super weapons, 9 upgradable weapons, and battle aliens across 12 missions. You can download Radiant Defense from the Google Play Store here.

9. Myth Defense

Myth Defense: Tower defense game for Android/iOS/Windows/OUYA/WindowsPhoneMyth Defense: Light Forces is our new tower-defense HD game for Android. The game combines classic gameplay (like "Fieldrunners" or "Robo defense") with some interesting features like alchemy, runes, random maps, campaign, etc. Available on several platforms:

Myth Defense is a tower defense game developed by Smartpix Games. Build your own towers and employ the best tactics on the battle ground. Battle it out across 4 maps and use special traps to capture enemies. You can download Myth Defense from the Google Play Store here.

10. Dragon Warcraft

dragon warcraft android app

Dragon Warcraft is a tower defense game developed by FT Games. The evil dragon lord is making attacks at your castle. It’s time to unleash powerful magic and fight back! Release your anger and battle in thrilling boss battles. Dragon Warcraft is one of the best new tower defense games. You can download Dragon Warcraft from the Google Play Store here.

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