Twitter Partners With Comcast For “See It” TV Feature: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Twitter has teamed with Comcast to launch the See It feature for television shows. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. The Deal Is The First of Its Kind


This is how you can properly utilize the see it feature. (The Verge)

Facebook and Twitter are in a race to see who can capitalize on the intersection of social media and television but Twitter may have won the first leg of the marathon. The company has struck a deal with cable provider Comcast to erect a new feature called “See It” that will go live in November. Buttons with that title will be embedded in NBCUniversal tweets that will allow Xfinity customers to immediately watch live programming. Viewers can set their DVR’s to record shows through their set-top boxes.

2. Comcast & Twitter Will Both Benefit From This Partnership

TV x Twitter data visualizationSocial: the force multiplier for TV An excerpt of content presented by Deb Roy, Chief Media Scientist at Twitter, during Cannes Lions 2013. Learn more about TV ad targeting here:

Comcast cautions that this service will roll out incrementally but this development will benefit both parties. The
Amplify” feature will provide both companies with a strong source of advertising revenue. Both will sell ads among short video clips from programmer’s various shows. This could become a valuable resource of capital when it comes time for Twitter to launch its IPO.

3. Twitter’s Strategy Will Extend To Other Providers Soon


Time Warner Cable could be the next company to embrace this feature. (Getty)

Twitter wants to expand this service to other providers with Time Warner Cable likely being the next target. The See It button should apply for other NBC networks like USA and MSNBC but the process could still be a bit clunky.

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4. Twitter Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Virtual Watercooler


The graphic emphasizes how the social networks are racing to control online chatter about TV. (New York Times)

The microblogging platform is gaining an edge in controlling the conversation involving TV. The opportunities are endless as customers can take advantage and offer real-time recommendations for shows and engage in forums about the premieres or finales of popular shows. They struck a partnership with Nielsen earlier this week in order to accurately guage ratings. The combination of these two new tools can yield excellent results for programmers since it would paint a nice picture of a specific viewing audience.

5. Facebook Has Some Catching Up To Do


Facebook may not “like” how far Twitter is getting in terms of controlling TV. (Getty)

The rival social media service does have plans to establish some form of a TV service but its unknown what exactly that may be. Twitter may be the superior source since it provides real time settings to discuss a recent episode of The Voice. More news is still filtering out but Twitter may have set up a strong form of support when they officially announce their initial public offering.