WATCH: Boston Dynamics Tests Atlas Robot Which Travels Tough Terrain During Combat

Boston Dynamics, the robotics company that revealed its fully functional WildCat exo-suit, has unveiled a new video showing another one of its creations is close to being fully operational. Titled ‘Atlas’, the “anthropomorphic” robot was created to navigate harsh terrain during combat.

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The video shows that Atlas is programmed with an excellent sense of balance as the prototype props itself up one leg and is hit from the side by a heavy weight. None of this phases Atlas as it continues down a path filled with obstacles. It’s clearly still in the testing phase but the hands it has will be able to operate various kinds of tools.

With the introduction of Wildcat last week, the firm that is partially funded by DARPA is leading the charge for battle-field advancements. These machines could work wonders during war and can completely change the state of war. Once Atlas is active, it could become an excellent tool to protect the injured or fix weaponry in the middle of combat. The possibilities are endless and the organization still has multiple projects waiting to be completed.

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