WATCH: Conan O’Brien Challenged By Fan Over iOS 7 Error

The dust has settled since iOS 7 has arrived on the wide variey of Apple devices currently available. Last month, Conan O’Brien attempted to download the software with hilarious but disastrous results.

On his show, Conan holds a segment called Fan Corrections where the “maestro” is challenged by his audience to identify any mistakes made on his show. Usually, his responses are in-depth but ridiculous arguments that completely erode fan’s well-thought out critiques.

This time, a fan deduces that Conan tried to incorporate iOS 7 into an iPhone 3GS which does not support the software. Of course, the host already has a rebuttal ready to go which implies there is a mystical new iPhone we’ve never heard of known as the iPhone3GCOB. You can watch the rest of the hilarious segment above.

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