WATCH: Samsung Galaxy Gear Videos Try To Inspire Nostalgia

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has already been here according to the series of new advertisements the company posted on its Youtube page. Samsung has just made a better smartwatch.

Two new videos titled “A Long Time Coming” and “Evolution” invoke some heart-felt cartoons and T.V. shows most of the U.S. can remember fondly. At the top, a smartwatch is seen put to use by various characters over the years before arriving at their own device. The second video shows the evolution of the gadget from its early days in Dick Tracy to ’90’s incarnation found in Might Morphin Power Rangers before reaching its current iteration and promising that they finally made it real.

Samsung seems to be saying this is device we’ve always wanted. Invoking fond memories of pop culture we’re familiar with is lackluster. The strategy used in these videos differs from the one seen below.

The more direct approach can be seen in this ad in which people are in awe of the revolutionary new product. What do you think of these? Would you buy a smartwatch? Comment below!