Duck Dynasty, Battle of the Beards: Review, Video, and Cheats

All you need to know: If you’re a big Duck Dynasty fan, then this is the game for you. Fans will love it, while others may feel it’s a bit so-so.

Battle of the Beards is a game filled with mini-games, over 15. It’s a bunch of surprisingly addictive redneck puzzles that get harder and harder, and in that way, the game never really ends.

Join the Robertsons and try to grow a beard that’ll make the family beam with pride.

The 15+ mini-games run a wide range. Color Willie’s beard, wake Si from sleep, flip red peppers, and of course, hunt. Watch out for the does though!

Instead of lives, you will get, you guessed it, beards! If your beards get shaven, it’s game over. Don’t worry, you have three of them.

Throughout the game, you win things like glasses, bandanas, camo, and t-shirts to put on your character and fit all the better into the Robertson family.

The App also includes a soundboard where you can play classic one-liners from the characters of the show.

It’s a must for fans, and a good time for non-fans, but if you don’t really like the show, you could spend your money better on the app store.


Cheats & Tips:

1. The intensity meter rises to show the game getting harder. As it goes up, your time goes down to complete each mini game task.

2. How do I unlock more mini-games? Use Beard Talk every way you can and you will discover new challenges for the mini-games.

3. How do you destroy the blind in the “Blow Up the Blind” minigame? Push down the detonator as the marker passes in the red area.

4. How does one toss donuts? Finger flick gently to toward the brother’s mouth. Mostly though, it’s patience.

5. How do I catch frogs? Swipe from frog to bucket. Wait for the frog to leap, so you can catch him mid-air and get more time.

6. How do I tape up boxes? Draw a line along the longest part of the box seal. It’ll need to be perfect. Also, tape the box too.

7. How do I color and dye beards? Rapidly swipe back and forth with one finger.

8. Only shoot the white birds (not the gray birds) in Dove Hunt. Doves are white!

9. Shoot more ducks by lining them up. Your shotgun shells will kill more than one duck.

10. Wake up Si by holding a finger and then slowly swiping from right to left.

11. Catch a fish by holding your finger down on the fishing hook, moving it into the water, and as soon as it touches a fish’s mouth, let go.

12. Get more coins by playing and successfully completing mini-games.