Top 5 Android Tablets for the Money

From Nexus 7s to Nexus 10s, from Galaxy Notes to Dell Venues, from Asus Memopads to Samsung Tabs —what exactly is the best Android Tablet for the money? Here’s the five best:

1. Nexus 7 – $220


The Nexus 7 already answers the question “What is The Best Tablet?” so it’s no surprise it tops this list as well: it’s simply an incredible deal. Boasting a 1080P screen at the highest resolution of any tablet (per inch), it’s darn sharp. Soon to be powerered by Android 4.4 Kitkat, it’s really an amazing machine and at an unbeatable price point. As we stay in our “What is the Best Tablet” article, the only reason to not go Android is if you are deeply invested in or have a need for the slightly better Apple app ecosystem.

Otherwise, this is the best tablet out there. Period.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – $549.99


The Galaxy Note 10 has a screen you won’t believe. It boasts over 4 millions pixels, 2 million more than a typical HD screen. Needless to say, it’s one of the most powerful tablets out there, with a quadcore processor running at 1.9ghz. Yep, it’s a beast. The cameras are ready for those perfect moments at 8MP and 2MP back and front respectively. Also, the included S-Pen allows you to use the touch screen in ways you can’t with other tablets — one of the Samsung perks, they use custom firmware that runs over Android, allowing them to give their users something special.

This is obviously a bit more intense than the Nexus, and it sure can’t beat it for the value, but if you can afford it and want to go 10 inches, this is absolutely the way to go.

3. Sony Xperia Z – $521


The Xperia is a bit off the beaten path since well, Sony isn’t exactly known for their tablets. Still, don’t be fooled, this is an amazing 10 inch tablet. It’s thin and light, and users agree — you can use it in ways that you couldn’t a Nexus 10 or an iPad.

The speakers are loud and it’s great looking. What more can you ask? This is easily one of the best tablets out there.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – $455


Technically, the Note isn’t a tablet, but a phablet — ahem, a phone slash tablet. With that in mind, it really is the most capable device on this list. It includes the S-Pen features in item 2 on our list, blazes past average phones with a quad-core processor, oh and did we mention, you can makes calls on it!

Users love it for its all-around power and functionality, definitely a device to consider if you’re in need of a phone and a tablet.

5. Asus Memopad – $129


For a paltry $130, the ASUS MeMopad is a spanking deal.

The ASUS MeMOPAD may not be the best tablet out there, but for the price, wowee! This tablet gets things done and is very highly reviewed on Amazon. It’s not for gaming or tablet power users, but if you’re looking to relax, watch some movies, and have a very high-functioning device for only $130, you can’t do better than this. Read more about it here.
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