Moto G: The Top 5 Reviews You Need to Read

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The Moto-G made headlines for its low price and seemingly impressive capabilities. So, does the smartphone deliver? Sure seems like it does. Check out the 5 Best Reviews.

1. Android Central – The Moto G easily the best cheap Android phone you can buy right now.

Depending on your perspective, the Moto G can be seen as a ridiculously cheap phone considering its quality, or a ridiculously good phone for its price. Either way, it’s a lesson to other manufacturers in how to make a good, cheap Android phone. The screen is the best you’ll find on a budget handset, the CPU, while by no means high-end, strikes a great balance of performance and energy efficiency, allowing the built-in battery to drive the device through a full day of use with ease.

They also note the lack of LTE.

2. Trusted Reviews – Everything a Nexus 5 Can Do (basically)

The Motorola Moto G is the finest £135 phone ever made. It’s not perfect and it doesn’t have everything that a more expensive phone has, but at every turn Motorola seems to have made the right design decisions, while pushing the price down even further than penny-pinchers ZTE and Huawei have done in recent years.

This is a phone that can do almost everything a Nexus 5 can – or at least everything 90 per cent of the population would want to do with the phone. If you want a sub-£150, or even sub-£200, phone, this is the one to go for.

3. Expert Reviews – The best budget smartphone ever, the Moto G is an incredible bargain that punches well above its weight

It’s easily the best budget smartphone we’ve ever seen, redefining what we mean by that term. It’s largely equivalent to the Sony Xperia SP, which is quicker in benchmarks, but not noticeably in day-to-day use, but has less battery life and only Android 4.1. It cost around £300 back in June 2013 when we reviewed it, and costs £220 today if you shop around. The Moto G knocks a huge £85 off that price SIM free

4. Cnet UK – “The Motorola Moto G has the screen, power, build and battery to make much more expensive phones jealous”

With its colourful, comfortable body, great screen, decent helping of power and good battery life, the Motorola Moto G would be a great phone, even with a higher price. With its bottom-end £135 SIM-free asking price though, the Moto G is an absurdly good bargain, that will suit anyone not fussed about the biggest and best phones.

5. PcAdvisor – “Motorola’s Moto G is the best budget smartphone around.”

Motorola’s Moto G is the best budget smartphone around. At £135 it’s got great build quality, an excellent screen, decent cameras and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean soon to be upgrade to 4.4 KitKat. It’s only limited in the storage department and a lack of 4G support.

We award 4 and a half stars and our recommended award.