Amazon Kindle HDX 8.9: The Top 5 Reviews You Need to Read

hdx 8.9 released its new Kindle HDX 8.9 tablet today. Should you buy it? Here are the top 5 reviews you need to read.

1.TechHive: “Unapologetically Content-Driven”

We chose this TechHive review as our number because it seemed to really drive at the biggest strengths of this tablet. It’s a clear winner if you are a specific kind of consumer and that’s what this review really grasped:

• The display has best-in-class color and is even readable outdoors.

• Amazon makes the best content-oriented tablet better with a stunning display, new features that enhance movies and music, and a decent.

• It’s definitely not the best full-size tablet for sweating through a full day of work. But it might be the best tablet for recovering from one.

kindle hdx 640

2. “The full rewards of it [come] if you’re fully invested in the Amazon ecosystem” drove home a similar point to techhive, emphasizing the purchase of Amazon Prime as what allows one to fully take advantage of the media-consumption focused device.

• Buy the Kindle if you love Amazon, but other Android tablets are better. At the end of the day, the Kindle Fire HDX offers the best raw hardware performance. But the best overall experience on an Android tablet still belongs to the Nexus 7.

• A lot of the major apps and games — Yelp, Spotify, Hulu Plus, Temple Run, Madden — can be found in the Kindle App store. But others, like Netflix and Dropbox, are nowhere to be found. And Google’s own apps, such as Gmail, Chrome, Maps, YouTube, Hangouts and Drive, are all absent.

• No video is too strenuous on the Kindle Fire HDX, and few web pages can cause the Silk browser to hiccup.

3.The Verge: “it doesn’t really measure up to an iPad Air or even a modern 10-inch Android tablet when it comes to actual functionality.”

The Verge beautifully highlights the biggest problem with the device: it’s just not that useful. While the Kindle HDX is the best thing to watch movies and listen to music on, you can get pretty close to that, and much more on an iPad.

•You can do all of the things you do on an HDX with an iPad, thanks to Amazon’s support of iOS with a bevy of apps (Amazon, Amazon MP3, Kindle for iOS, Amazon Video, the list goes on). Plus, you can access hundreds of thousands more apps and expand your tablet’s functionality with countless accessories. Apart from Amazon Video, the same can be said for the Nexus 10 or almost any other Android tablet on the market.

4.Gizmodo: “[It’s a] second living room screen.”

Cleverly getting to the core of the HDX’s advantage, Gizmodo puts it perfectly and colorfully.

•Who Is It For? People who are into watching movies, reading comics and magazines and books, but who also want to send some email and look at Twitter now and then. Folks who aren’t content with a puny 7-inch screen and want something a bit bigger. Anyone who wants a good, solid, living-room second screen.

5.Amazon User Review: “Conclusion in one sentence: Amazon’s iPad Air killer (8.5/10)”

This user describes extensive tablet use and knowledge and explained his love of the tablet excellently.

•For HDX, this is no longer the case. You get great price, great screen and great performance that surpass iPad Air. To me, the HDX is Amazon’s answer to an iPad killer. This tablet at the moment has the best performance/price ratio. It really marks how well Amazon has done to make themselves a worthy competitor in the tablet market with no only one device revamped, but an entire lineup of Kindle Fire HDX having such performance leap. I hope some software upgrade or battery pack can make this the ultimate road warrior!’s Popular Social Posts
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