New Nexus 5 GIF Shows The Evolution of Google’s Popular Smartphone


The new Google Nexus 5 arrived in the Google Play Store last week adding another installment to the company’s smartphone line. However, some people struggle with understanding how Google labels their gadgets. The phone is called the Nexus 5 yet they released a Nexus 7 tablet over the summer. The categorization process is based on the actual display size but this new GIF created by Gadgetlove is a perfect tool to understand how far the Nexus 5 design has come.

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The GIF shows the history of all the Nexus models within three seconds. The most obvious aspect you can see is that the Nexus 5 is the biggest phone so far within the product line. Other elements you notice are that the design has greatly changed. The thinner fifth-gen phone comes from the squat, box-like Nexus. So far, the Nexus 5 has been well received but Google probably won’t want to improve upon this creation that much in the future.