New iPad Mini 2 Retina: The 5 Reviews You Need to Read

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Apple has released the iPad Mini 2 Retina and it is available on their online store. Here are the 5 Reviews You Need to Read.

1. CNET: It’s a Shrunken Down Version of the iPad Air

you could easily call the iPad Mini with Retina Display a shrunken-down clone of the new iPad Air: it has exactly the same specs as its larger sibling…the Mini certainly presents an awfully tempting proposition, offering a better overall value for pure performance and storage for the dollar. On paper, it looks to have no drawbacks at all compared with the Air, other than being smaller.

but if you’re not huge on iOS CNET clearly says there are better tablets for your money:

there are a wide range of Android — and even Windows — tablets that could be classified as offering “more bang for the buck.” But only the iPad will deliver iOS, along with the relative advantages and refinements of that app ecosystem

2. Tech Crunch: Slightly Slower Than iPad Air, Doesn’t Really Matter

The larger iPad Air’s A7 processor runs at 1.4GHz and the iPhone 5S runs at around 1.30GHz. The lower clock speed in the mini (very slightly lower) will likely not affect performance much overall.

ipad mini 2 retina review

3. Tech Radar: Faster, prettier and more featured, the new iPad mini is everything we hoped it would be.

The original iPad mini blew us away, but we were also clear on the improvements we wanted to see, and Apple has taken steps to make the iPad mini 2 with Retina even more attractive.

Faster, prettier and more featured, the new iPad mini is everything we hoped it would be. Although there was nothing that we didn’t expect, it should be noted that this is a tablet that ticks every box.

The price is higher again as Apple, like Amazon and Google, looks to step away from the razor-thin margins of last year’s budget tablets, but on our early look alone, we think Apple has once again eased ahead in the mid-size slate space.

4.Techno Buffalo: Outdated Screen, Slow Processor [Relative to Other Tablets], but Apple’s Ecosystem Works BEst on Tablet, It’s My Personal Choice

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5.PC Advisor: The faster A7 CPU means the iPad mini with Retina display can auto-focus faster and has stabilisation for stills and video

This time around, the iPad mini with Retina display gets no second-class treatment: it has the A7 chip that’s also inside the new iPad Air. That means it’s a 64-bit device, which makes it more future-proof than if it had stuck with a 32-bit processor. It also gets the M7 motion coprocessor.
As usual, Apple offered no extra details such as the amount of RAM but this is of little consequence: the second-gen iPad mini is bound to live up to Apple’s claims of being four times faster.

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