Buzzfeed’s Chris Baker Startup Rather: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Chris Baker, the former creative director of Buzzfeed, launched a new startup called Rather. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. What is Rather?


Rather will be the most helpful tool you can have on Facebook. (Get Rather)

After leaving the cat-meme king site, Chris Baker has officially launched his new startup called Rather. The app can be added on to your Google Chrome Browser and block any topic from Facebook.

2. Rather Was Created From

This new Chrome extension was spun out from That site operated in the essentially same manner as the new creation. It blocked pictures of babies and other related items from newsfeeds but rather is much more powerful.

3. How Does It Work?


Cats can invade the timeline once you install the new extension. (Get Rather)

By identifying specific keywords, the extension hones in on specific topics and completely eradicates them from your timeline. It seems as if this is only compatible with Google Chrome for now. Once it picks up on terms you’d rather not see, it replaces them with cute images of cats. That’s all it takes to never see news about your least favorite baseball team or something harmless like puppies.

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4. Baker Is The King of Viral


The co-founder of the company has experience building impressive brands. (Get Rather)

The creative director has had alot of experience in managing content like this and wants to devote a serious amount of attention to Rather. His most popular creation was “The World’s Most Exclusive Website“. This project involved people with a specified amount of Twitter followers attempting to make it through a series of doors before reaching some mysterious goal. It attracted a lot of famous participants like Ryan Seacrest and Justin Bieber but the ultimate reveal was nothing revolutionary.

5. Rather Is Here To Stay


Let’s be honest. This extension sounds awesome. Everyone can agree there is a variety of topics that you don’t want to see appear on your profile. Baker seems serious about donating large amounts of time and attention to it. There is potential for it to expand. You can download the extension here.