Sega Releases Sonic Dash for Android

Sega’s Hardlight Studios has released the popular endless runner, Sonic Dash, on Android which was previously only available for iPhone and iPad. Android players can now play as Sonic the Hedgehog and jump, dash, and spin their way through amazing 3D environments. Players can destroy everything in their way and defeat enemies using Sonic’s speed and power-ups. While Sonic Dash is free-to-play, players can unlock or purchase additional characters, power-ups, and more.

To celebrate the release, an exclusive Android score multiplier challenge event will be held this weekend. From November 29th-31st, players will get to receive a game-wide bonus to their score multiplier.

“Whenever we’ve talked about Sonic Dash, someone has asked when it will be released on Android, ” said Hardlight CTO Chris Southall. “This level of enthusiasm made it very easy when decided to create the Android version.”

You can download Sonic Dash Android app from the Google Play Store here.

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