Silk Road 2: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

silk road 2
The new “ of drugs” went live today as Silk Road 2.0 after its disruption following the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road 1. Here’s 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about the launch of this deep web, black-market website.

1. The New Site is Reportedly Growing Rapidly

The new site’s owner reports that traffic is pouring in via Twitter. He has adopted the moniker of Ross Ulbricht, Dread Pirate Roberts.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Silk Road and his work, it was a website located on the deep-web, or hidden part of the internet. The website used bitcoin transactions while connecting buyers and sellers in a massive black marketplace. While it is primarily used to distribute drugs, there are also other products like ATM-hacking guides, and other frowned upon or illegal items.

The first Silk Road exchanged over a billion dollars and made its founder over $80 million.

2. Silk Road 2 Openly Mocks the FBI With This Image

silk road 2,

Despite the bravado, the Daily Dot reports that the site is not yet functional.

Ross Ulbricht was busted by the feds after he used Stack Overflow, a site where programmers ask and answer questions, catering to pros and amateurs alike. On the site, the accused asked, “How can I connect to a Tor hidden service using curl in php?” Silk Road is a website on a Tor network. The feds eventually tracked him down using the insignificant post.

3. The Re-Emergence of the Silk Road Reveals Its Resilient Nature

As long as bitcoin can be circulated, it will be nearly impossible for the government to prevent sites that do black market trading from arising. Other Silk Road alternatives have also come into play since Silk Road 1’s disappearance including a site called “Black Market Reloaded.”

4. Only Existing Members Can Use Silk Road 2.0

As a security measure, new sign-ups are not permitted, and only existing members of the Silk Road 1 are permitted to join reports The Verge.

Now, Silk Road members can choose to authenticate with a PGP encryption key. This measure may keep Silk Road 2.0 from the original site’s fate.

5.Over 500 Drug Listings Are Already Up

silk road 2, black market, bitcoin

A screen shot of Silk Road 1.0, depicting the like nature of the black market website.’s Popular Social Posts
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