Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Google Play has a large selection of keyboard apps. Here’s a list of our favorite keyboard apps for Android.

1. Swiftkey Keyboard

swiftkey keyboard android app

Developed by TouchType Ltd., Swiftkey is able to understand not just patterns in your typing, but also how words work together. Swiftkey can continue to learn from SMS, your email and even social media accounts (if enabled), so it gets better at making predictions as you type. You can purchase Swiftkey Android app from the Google Play Store here.

2. Swype Keyboard

swype keyboard android app

Swype is a keyboard app developed by Nuance Communications, Inc. Quickly enter text and backup your personal dictionary on all of your Android devices. Swype comes with voice recognition, three unique tablet keyboards, and adapts to your typing patterns for a personalized keyboard experience. You can download Swype Android app from the Google Play Store here.

3. GO Keyboard

go keyboard android app

Customize the look and feel of your keyboard by selecting from one of the unique themes. GO Keyboard comes with voice typing, accurate dictionaries, smart engine for predictions, and supports multiple languages. Switch between keyboard layouts by sliding to the left or to the right. With GO Keyboard, you’ll be able to type faster and smarter on your Android tablet. You can download GO Keyboard Android app from the Google Play Store here.

4. Google Keyboard

google keyboard android app

Google has added its own keyboard to Google Play. Google Keyboard comes with plenty of features like gesture typing, voice typing, word recognition, next-word suggestion and current-word completion. Type faster and more accurately on your Android device with Google Keyboard. You can download Google Keyboard Android app from the Google Play Store here.

5. Hacker’s Keyboard

hackers keyboard android app

Hacker’s Keyboard provides users with a full 5-row keyboard experience. The keyboard was designed to be used with apps like SSH and ConnectBot and features working Tab, Ctrl, Alt, Esc, and arrow keys. The keyboard also supports dictionaries and supports multiple languages. You can download Hacker’s Keyboard Android app from the Google Play Store here.

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