WATCH: New LG G Flex Durability Tested Flexing Under Pressure

A few weeks ago, LG unveiled their new phone of the future. Called the G Flex, this amazing new device was embedded with a curved glass display and a self-healing back panel. The Verge was able to get their hands on the new phone and put it through a series of test especially the durability study seen above.

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The South Korean company held a press conference this morning where they revealed the launch date and tested the OLED display device in front of a packed audience. LG reps would not let attendees actually scratch the cover but instead opted to show how flexible the phone could be. The Verge points out that the plastic finish picks up dirty fingerprints easily but the G Flex held up to its name. LG’s reps pressed down on it firmly to show that it has some bounce when it receives pressure but the test failed to impress the team. South Korea will get the gadget on November 12 but no U.S. date has been revealed.

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