What Would I Say: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The "What's Would I Say" interface is very simple allowing you to generate or post a status.

The “What Would I Say” interface is very simple allowing you to generate or post a status.

Currently going viral, What Would I Say is a simple Facebook application that combines and sifts through all the text you’ve posted on your Facebook profile to generate statuses you might say.

Here’s what you should know about the latest Facebook craze, its origin, and how to get it.

1. What Would I Say Generates Statuses That Sound Like You


WWIS is able to form statuses that combine one and two word bits of your writing (via your entire post history on Facebook) and by doing so, it is able to take a stab at writing statuses that you might write (in a sense, have already written) using chance-based reasoning, but sometimes it fails to say anything understandable at all.

2. Despite the Occasional Nonsense, What Would I Say Impressively Comes Up With Funny Statuses


While it may not be perfect, WWIS is unique in its ability to string together coherent sentences and at the same time, by using the word combination method, actually capture the voice of the person whose Facebook it has scanned.

For instance, I have never said this statement about Catdog (above), but it feels like something I would. Eerie, but since you don’t know me (or how much I talk about Catdog), you’ll probably have to experience it yourself.

3. ‘What Would I Say’ Does Not Store or Access Your Information

According to the website for the app, the creators say:

Don’t worry, we don’t store any of your personal information anywhere. In fact, we don’t even have a database! All computations are done client side, so only your browser ever sees your post history.

This means that the app scans your facebook using your browser, then it creates a list of statuses. After, when you hit the “generate” button, it shows you a new one. At no point does your facebook information leave your browser. Therefore, it is just as safe to use as Facebook — if what the creators say is true, which it probably is because…

4. The App Was Created by Students at an Event Called Hack.Princeton

According to the website for the event:

Princeton University’s Fall Hackathon provides a time and place for anyone, anyone, to create a project and try something new. HackPrinceton is a prime time to develop for something new, explore that itch in your head, or simply just work on something you don’t normally work on.

The New Yorker reports that the app was created by seven graduate students and one Yorkipoo.

One of the students said, “This was just for fun…we never thought we would get further than showing this off at the Hackathon and to our friends on Facebook.”

But the app has been featured everywhere, from The Independent to Slate.com, to The New Yorker; it’s been a huge success. So much so, the creators added a link for people to donate to victims of the Philippines typhoon:


5. You Can Access What Would I Say? Here



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