Best Christmas Gifts 2013: Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriends

Getting your boyfriend a gift can be tough, so here’s 10 suggestions to help you out. From gizmos, to gag gifts, here’s some Xmas present help.

1. Swiss+Tech, Micro-Max 19-in-1 Key Ring Multi-Function Pocket Tool – $9.49

Every guy likes to have a versatile tool solution available, even if they already have one, a back-up really doesn’t hurt.


2. Magnesium Fire Starter – $3.99

Dudes love fire, and they love a challenge. Guarantee your boyfriend will enjoy this one, a perfect stocking stuffer.


3. Cards Against Humanity – $25

The classically hilarious game, most guys are into this.


4. Bottle Opener Ring – $0.60

Another great stocking stuffer if your boyfriend likes beer.


5. Tamarac Slippers – $37.99

Guys may not buy slippers en masse, but everyone likes a warm pair of slippers. That’s a fact.


6. Laser Pointer, Infinter 100 – $17.95

This one is bordering on gag gift, but the long term here is that laser pointers are basically endless fun. This could easily stick with you till marriage. Harassing neighbors, animals, and law enforcement is fine, just don’t be the person to bring it to the movie theater.


7. The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: A Definitive Encyclopaedia Of Existing Information – $12

Everyone loves the Onion, but this is best reserved for a boyfriend with that sarcastic sense of humor.


8. The Official Bullshit Button – $7.90

Obviously, you can’t just use this on him. Let him use it on you for a good time.


9. Silver Duct Tape Mug – $15.99

Dudes love mugs and they love tape. Enough said.


10. Single Pane Omnitool – $1.10

Gotta love the minimalism on this one, another knockout stocking stuffer.

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